Frank and Sons Exterminators

Home History

Our founder, Jose Maria Terrones, was born on October 4, 1933 in Crowley, Colorado. Living in a farm and being the oldest of his siblings, Jose Maria grew up all his teenage years helping his father to save their crops to feed the family. Jose Maria always had a dream to become something better in life for himself and his family.

In 1950 Jose Maria and his siblings enlisted in the Air Force and Navy. He was chosen to be shipped to Korea where he experienced most war factors including caring for those affected in the war such as women and children.

When the war ended Jose Maria soon got his honorable discharge from the Airforce and decided to move to California to proceed his dream to start his own business.

Jose Maria gained great leadership skills from the Airforce and in 1962 he successfully opened his first extermination company “Frank Pest Control”. With great proudness he decided to use his uniform patch and customize it as the logo of the company to honor all veterans.

For 50 years in business Jose Maria successfully has served The Great City of Los Angeles and received many recognitions from Pest Control Board Members, Fire Departments and Cesar Chavez for his great contributions to many charities such as homeless shelters for many families in need and along with his battles against discriminations.

With his success Jose Maria made his dream come true and helped his family in Colorado to also become business owners for restaurants and successful government employees.